one to many and many to one reciprocity (2010)

ET AL. (2010). one-to-many and many-to-one (2010) Living Room: A Week of Goodness [large scale, multi-media installation] [Exhibition]. Khartoum Place, Auckland CBD in collaboration with choreographer Sean Curham (NZ).

A temporary installation in Khartoum Place which questions why we do things for others, the connection between individual and social giving and the importance of reciprocity in social situations.

The week of goodness theme was inspired by surrealist artist Max Ernst’s 1934 graphic novel Une semaine de bonte (A Week of Kindness) which consists of seven sections named after the days of the week and then linked with an element: mud, water, fire, blood, blackness, sight and unknown.

Kyander: a week of goodness theme allows artists to examine ideas about giving and kindness – I always consider art and artworks to be an act of giving regardless of any economic transaction – there is a generosity that lies behind art and I like to explore this idea. This event is an act of giving and even though people might not have asked for it, they may need it.”