trans_cryption (2011)

ET AL. (2011).  trans_cryption Michael Lett Gallery, 285/2 Great North Road,Auckland. Multi-media installation, original sound compilation by Ivan Mršić programmed to move through 10 speakers across the 42 free- standing units in the space. 
(No. Of Pieces: multi-media installation: 30 fabricated angle-iron steel tables disassembled into sections, hardboard sheets, angle-iron fabricated steel cube (3x3x3) metres,  6 metal trays with speakers (audio component), 4 fabricated metal stools). 

February 25th – a non-idiomatic ‘free’ improvisation event by Vitamin-S ( Ivan Mrsic, Jeff Henderson, John Bell, John Radford and James McCarthy) was held within the installation.

Films projected within the cube:
non-existent in the everyday world? – i
16mm film digitally transferred
Cinematographer; 16mm: John Christoffels.
Popular Productions

non-existent in the everday world? – ii
Super 8 film digitally transferred
Popular Productions