burnt house: a little later (2010)

Burnt House. A little later. GAMBIA CASTLE, Auckland, 14 May – 5 June 2010 Conversation & immaterial exchange and indefinite outcomes in a non-gallery/non-writing space set-up by et al. Coordinators of the event Kate Newby and Sarah Hopkinson invited viewers /readers /participants to attend a series of discussions, activities and acts, as a programme of events that they called a ‘non-show.’ Gambia Castle office acted as a temporary archival space and programmed activities includeded Martin Basher screening videos by US-based artists, Jan Bryant reading from Anna Funder’s Stasiland and Gwyn Porter leading attendees in an irony-free guided meditation that was offered as an antidote to increasing workloads. Photographer Alex North.

Mats, easels, cot, toys, folding table, boards, plastic stackable chairs.