moieties (2013)

ET AL. (2013) In collaboration with Michael Parekowhai, Samuel Hollaway, Anya Henis. Michael Lett, Auckland, 18 April -25 May 2013.

Original sound composition Samuel Holloway.  Upright piano first and second instance – a work with unspecified instrumentation by Samuel Holloway et al.  Performance History:  Upright piano 18 Apr – 25th May 2013 an electronic realisation, Upright piano live realisation by Hermione Johnson 20 Apr 2013;  Upright piano live realisation by Glenda Keam, Michael Lett Gallery, 25 May 2013.

Upright Piano 2013 annotated score, Samuel Holloway et al. 80-95 pages / inscribed cover / limited edition / 2013

Collaborative publication with Anya Henis no free gifts! Anya Henis et al Charitable Trusts Approved by the Charitable Support Foundation (NZ)  (2009-2012)