ET AL. (2013). de_cryption, Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas,, Auckland Art Gallery,Toi O Tamaki [large scale, multi-media installation] , 26 October 2013 – 23 February 2014. Curator, Natasha Conaland.
Original sound compilation: Ivan Mršic, Cinematographer; 16mm: John Christoffels. (No. Of Pieces: multi-media installation: 30 fabricated angle-iron steel tables disassembled into sections, hardboard sheets, angle-iron fabricated steel cube (3x3x3) metres, 6 metal trays with speakers (audio component), 1 x 16mm b/w projection & 1 x super 8, b/w & colour projection 20 mins), 4 fabricated metal stools). Group exhibition Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, Oct 26 2013- Mar 02 2014. Freedom Farmers is the Gallery’s largest survey of contemporary art from this country in two and a half decades and showcases 20 New Zealand artists from emerging to established practitioners, providing audiences an opportunity to experience numerous new and commissioned artworks, and includes Walters Prize winners Francis Upritchard, Dan Arps, and et al.
ET AL. (2013).many-to-many, Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas, Auckland Art Gallery,Toi O Tamaki, [large scale, multi-media installation], 26 October 2013 – 23 February 2014. Curator, Natasha Conland. Included 7 day collaboration with chorographer Sean Curham (NZ) (No. Of Pieces: multi-media installation: 50 adapted (painted & inscribed) office chairs on rollers, 15 metal fabricated extendable (telescopic) steel poles, 15 fabricated bases, 20 sandbags, 10 A4 billboards, temporary fencing diamond fencing 3.3m x 13.2m and security mesh, 6 swiss balls, 100 helium balloons).
ET AL. (2013) In collaboration with Michael Parekowhai, Samuel Hollaway, Anya Henis. Michael Lett, Auckland, [large scale, multi-media installation], 18 April -25 May 2013. Original sound composition with Samuel Holloway (Samuel Hollaway et al upright piano), collaborative publication with Anya Henis (No free gifts! Anya Henis et al.n Anya Henis’s NICAI, Summer Scholarship UOA 2008
ET AL. (2011). trans_cryption Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland [large scale, multi-media installation] (No. Of Pieces: SOLO). Michael Lett Gallery, 285/2 Great North Road, Auckland, New Zealand.
ET AL. (2011). transcryptions n. 3 : Description of the Machine [8 page printed tabloid from the series altruism review: 5000 tabloids printed & disseminated for free at Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery, and online at The tabloid is an A4 art newspaper authored by et al. The tabloid is about newspaper survival, adaptation to change and a spirit of renovation. Cheapness of the format allows for ease of mass dissemination.]. Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland, NZ: Narrow Gauge.
ET AL. (2010). Critical Remarks on the National Question [artist book: 174 pages, published monograph of self-authored archival research documents (letter headings 2-12:’Commentary and Motivations’; ‘Critical Remarks on the National Question’; ‘Conflict Induced Outcomes’; ‘Lenin: Economics and Politics in the Era of the Dictatorship’; ‘Results of Occupations’; ‘Altruism’; ‘Individual Logic and Common Misunderstandings’; ‘One World – Keys to the immediate future of humanity’; ‘Exhortation’; ‘The deception of the people’; ‘The April Conference’]. Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu & Narrow Gauge, Published in Hong Kong.