altruistic studies-no vote

et al altruism, fundamentalism, Index 3, solidarity

ET AL. (2008). altruistic studies_Interstitial Zones Historical Facts, Archaeologies of the Present and Dialectics of Seeing [large scale installation] (No. Of Pieces: ‘altruistic_studies_no vote’ [large scale, installation]: 20 temporary partitions, 20 military dutch body bags stretched as screens, 8 woven plastic mats, 10 fabricated metal voting booths, 20 A1 posters with handwritten texts, integrated google earth projection with inserted animation, 1 data projector, 3 speakers with integrated sound component) [Exhibition]. Argos Centre for Art and Media, , Belgium.

2009 that’s obvious! that’s right! that’s true! p

et al 2006-10, altruism, collaborative project, Index 3

ET AL. (2009). that’s obvious! that’s right! that’s true! [solo large scale, multi-media installation] (No. Of Pieces: installation: 4 fabricated folding metal voting booths, 4 army ground mats, 4 wooden   fabricated projection screens, 8 incubators – fabricated metal trolleys with wheels   and unattached Perspex lid, 8  cardboard models, 7 letter boards attached to   incubators, 18 foam cushions inside incubators, cardboard models rest on top,   10 White hand painted number boards, 6 x hoardings for Tino Rangatiratanga –   1800mm x 2400mm approx each, 4 x hoarding boards – no free gift! – 1800mm   x 2400mm approx each,  5.5 metre extendable steel … Read More