ET AL. (2008, June 4). Art Unlimited, Art Basel 93 [large scale, multi-media installation] (No. Of Pieces: installation: treated and painted pine (50 x 25)mm total 160 metres – cut to between 1400–2000mm, Posters on wooden (painted) panels x 20, Posters unmounted x 10, Panels bare (painted) x 6, Aluminium stands (painted) 2m high x 15, Aluminium corner brackets (painted) for stands x 10, Steel corner brackets (painted) for stands x 5, Hardboard (painted) corner sections approx 200 x 200mm, Army Surplus plastic body bags x 20 , Army Surplus ground mats (painted) x 10, Secondhand woven plastic mats (painted) x 12, Inspection lamps (metal casing) – 4, Halogen lamps x 4, Speakers x 6, Amplifier x 1, Wooden table with metal legs x 1, Wooden tables with wooden legs x 2, Audio wiring/cabling variable lengths) [Exhibition]. Art (39) Basel, Messe Basel, Messeplatz, 4005 Basel, Switzerland.

A project in collaboration with Starkwhite (NZ) & CNZ.