Ayten Mutlu / Yeni Dergi

Yeni Dergi, Yıl 11, Sayı 123, Apalik 1974, Dergi Ayten Mutlu – Bandirma, Turkey; ”My aim is to write poems that will sing all people’s songs on the world. I wish to reach and touch people in mines, on farms, home, factories, prisons: to entertain, to show, to illuminate. Because, I believe that poetry is wide like life and will somehow successfully call real people in the people.” MIGRATION

US News pre-Trump

et al. 2005 U. S. News & World Report In 2005 the Report on the World Social Situation recommends that: Unless attention is paid to redressing global inequality and pursuing the comprehensive vision of social development agreed upon at the Social Summit in Copenhagen in 1995, the Report warns that the inequality predicament will be perpetuated, frustrating efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

psychic fluids or ectoplasmic materialisations.

Reference material that contributed to the et al. installations simultaneous invalidations 1-2 exploring the nature of paranormal electrical conductance and ‘psychic fluids’ or ‘ectoplasmic materialisations’. Refer also to; et al. simultaneous invalidations – second attempt 2000-11, and et al. e-p notes a tabloid publication in conjunction with simultaneous invalidation- second attempt, Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki 2011.

Stasi emergency command centre

The bunker was discovered between 1989/90, largely unknown to the public. The Citizens Committee of Leipzig succeeded in being awarded a 99 years lease over a substantial portion of the 5.2 hectares (12.844 acres) site from the county Wurzen, to preserve this testimony to the past from destruction by conversion. Citizens Committee is a registered association which originated during the Peaceful Revolution and is today the custodian of the “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum and Stasi Bunker Museum – a unique combination of authentic memorial sites. The primary mission of the Citizens Committee is to keep alive the memory of the … Read More

dead ends, complications and doubts_ Jan Bryant

Published by West den Haag (2015) on the occasion of the exhibition et al. for the common good. Translation: Tiny Mulder, Printer: Oranje van Loon, Den Haag, Thanks: Gemeente Den Haag, University of Auckland. Published by: West, Edition: 1000. ISBN: 978—90—79917—49-5, West, Groenewegje 136, 2515 LR Den Haag, the Netherlands The essay by Jan Bryant was a redacted text of an earlier essay (2010), ‘workers of all countries unite’, In: Critical Remarks on the National Question, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Whaiwhetu. Narrow Gauge Publications, & Gwyn Porter (Eds.), Hong Kong: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Whaiwhetu (2011). … Read More