upright piano realisation #3

Samuel Holloway et al. upright piano West #3
A new work by Samuel Holloway as component part for the common good West Den Haag, Netherlands. The upright piano score #3 score was amended graphically by et al. for the event.

Improvisation by pianist Andrea Vasi on a customised upright piano West Den Haag, 14.03.2015.
Documentation courtesy West. of the event uploaded to Vimeo @ WEST Den Haag Vimeo.

Samuel Holloway was the 2013 Mozart Fellow at the University of Otago. His work has been performed by prominent artists and ensembles in Asia, Europe and North America, including Klangforum Wien, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Stroma, and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

As a soloist, Andrea Vasi has performed piano concertos by Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Ravel and Stravinsky, a.o. under conductor Etienne Siebens. She played in various orchestras and ensembles, also playing the synthesizer and the harpsichord. As a member of the NJO Steve Reich ensemble 2013 (of the NJO), she worked together with Steve Reich and gave a performance at the Lowlands Festival.