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et al. 2005 U. S. News & World Report

In 2005 the Report on the World Social Situation recommends that:

— Worldwide asymmetries resulting from globalization should be redressed, with emphasis placed on more equitable distribution of the benefits of an increasingly open world economy. This should be facilitated by promoting democratic participation of all countries and peoples in the processes that determine the international development agenda;
— Democracy and the rule of law should be promoted and special efforts made to integrate marginalized groups into society. This effort must be backed by political will;
— To prevent global conflict and violence, attention should be paid to reducing the inequalities in access to resources and opportunities;
— Conditions in the informal economy should be improved by providing social protection programmes and better linkages between the formal and the informal economies;
— Opportunities for productive and decent employment should be expanded; youth should be a focus of employment policies and programmes. With decent employment those who are able to secure jobs and receive adequate compensation, benefits and protection under the law are also empowered to voice their concerns and participate more actively in society.

Unless attention is paid to redressing global inequality and pursuing the comprehensive vision of social development agreed upon at the Social Summit in Copenhagen in 1995, the Report warns that the inequality predicament will be perpetuated, frustrating efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.