ET AL. (2004) Abnormal mass delusions? – major research project examining the collective et al.
Individual works in abnormal mass delusions? examine notions of derangement, abnormality and dysfunctional behaviour in relation to both the individual and collective psyche. They explore issues of group versus individual identity. In the same way the exhibition as a whole blurs the identity of the artist, challenging the way museums and galleries catalogue art.This project consisted of 9 distinct but fully integrated site-specific installation works over four levels of the Gallery.
The exhibition was planned over 18 months, took two weeks to install and was in place for eight weeks. The contribution of et al. besides the conceptual, art fabrication, and installation aspects, included overall planning on all 4 gallery levels,and layout and configuration. Several works embodied computer edited multi-media content which was produced by et al. Computer software written by et al was involved in 3 major installations. The exhibition required a 2 year process of research work, planning and creative development.
Arguments for Immortality arguments for immortality. Published in association with the exhibition abnormal mass delusions, A 128-page monograph, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, 2004 [ISBN 0-908848-47-1]. Essays include: Barr, Jim and Mary Barr (2003) Truth: Liar, liar, pants on fire: et al. and the search for truth; Burke, Gregory (2003) Technics: Interference: et al. and technics; McDonald, Ewen (2003)Memory: et al: the current theory. In: et al. arguments for immortality; Porter, Gwyneth (2003) Failure: Snatching failure from the jaws of defeat: footnotes to an abandoned dissertation on futility and the work of et al; Scott, Hannah (2003) Doubt: misbelieve = disbelief : techniques of doubt.
arguements for immortality can be ordered through Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland.,