2017 Pania Marima Inc at Mokopōpaki et al, Te Pou Wiini Atu: First Past the Post. Post and the relevance of document as a venue for social content, in this instance the democratic process, parliamentary procedure, mechanics of proportional representation, election of woman Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as leader of a minority Labour government in coalition with partners Aotearoa Tuatahi/New Zealand First, and the Greens, Treaty of Waitangi, Maori and the grievance industry

Te Pou Wiini Atu: First Past the Post explores as a collaborative process Māori sovereignty, the legacy of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (with its various versions and signatories), and the nature of Mokopōpaki itself, a collective that seeks to enact or embody a Māori worldview and challenge the pervasive contemporary insistence on ‘multicultural myth-making’.